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Skylogic offers a wide range of network solutions to meet the needs of businesses and public authorities, including SCPC (single channel per carrier) transmission, trunking technology and meshed configurations.

SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier)

SCPC is a Skylogic satellite transmission system that uses only one carrier for each channel. SCPC technology can be used for data broadcasting, i.e. sending the same message in parallel to a number of receivers. It can also be used for audio/video communications in full-duplex mode, i.e. fully bidirectional and simultaneous transmission and reception. In an SCPC system, signals are always transmitted to the satellite on the one carrier.

Signals from the satellite are received by a single station in point-to-point systems, or by multiple stations in point-to-multipoint (broadcast) systems. The multi-site connectivity provided in this way is entirely independent of terrestrial hubs.


Trunking is a high spectral efficiency technology that uses a switching centre to spool requests for audio and data channels.

Trunking systems are ideal for transferring particularly heavy masses of data, and are used to interconnect networks and to speed up the transmission of large masses of information.


In meshed networks, each node is associated with at least two transmission paths. In fully meshed networks, each node is characterised by a direct connection with each other node. In partly meshed networks, transverse connections are used to connect one node to another.


Our distributors can provide a vast range of applications to complement our offer. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an application that lets you hold a normal telephone conversation, even with a conventional landline, over a Skylogic satellite internet connection. VoIP technology offers a number of benefits, including the ability to conference call various numbers via just one connection, the ability to save conversations on your computer, and free calls between users of the same provider.

Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)

Wi-Fi allows different terminals (computers, VoIP telephones, palm-tops, etc.) to connect to each other without cables (i.e. wirelessly) over a local network based on IEEE 802.11 standard protocol. This network can then be connected to the Internet via a router to permit all its terminals to use Skylogic’s satellite connectivity services.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A virtual private network is a network that uses a public telecommunications system, such as the Internet, to provide isolated peripheral offices and employees with secure access to their company’s intranet

Video surveillance

The compact size and rational design of the D-STAR kit makes it superbly versatile and easy to install. These features make D-STAR the ideal solution for ensuring communications and video surveillance even under extreme conditions and in high risk situations.