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Tooway™ broadband

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Tooway™ is the perfect Skylogic service for use with corporate backups. It is also popular with professionals and small businesses who need to navigate the Internet daily but are based in areas not served by terrestrial ADSL. The service provides total coverage and represents the perfect solution to the digital divide. In Italy, there is not one municipality that cannot receive Tooway™ satellite broadband.

The basic kit consists of a bidirectional satellite dish and a simple modem for the transmission and reception of data. Skylogic’s distributors can deliver kits directly to users’ homes. Kits can be installed either by a certified installation engineer or independently, using the instructions provided.

Tooway™ does not require a telephone line. The system operates on the Ka band via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite at 9° East. Excellent satellite coverage means that the signal remains active under all weather conditions. A downlink speed of up to 20Mbps and an uplink speed of up to 6Mbps are guaranteed. No special software or hardware is needed to use the system.

For further information please visit: www.tooway.com


Performance Download traffic packages Characteristics
Download speed: up to 20 Mbps
Upload speed: up to 6 Mbps
Tooway S: 2 GB
Tooway M: 10 GB
Tooway L: 20 GB
Tooway XL: 30 GB
Tooway Absolute : Unlimited
Dish dimensions:
diameter 67 cm
weight: 15 Kg
Modem dimensions
23x23x3,8 cm
weight: 0,6 kg


Our distributors’ own IP applications integrate with and complement our Tooway™ solution.


The term “VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used in internet telephony to identify the technical resources needed to manage voice transmissions over the Internet.

Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)

The term “Wi-Fi” (short for “Wireless Fidelity”) refers to wireless local area networks (WLANs) that use the 802.11 family of protocols. The term was coined by Wi-Fi Alliance, the organisation that supervises certification testing for products compatible with 802.11 standards.