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D-Star broadband

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D-Star broadband

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D-STAR is the ideal solution for businesses and public authorities who need specially structured satellite connectivity platforms. Skylogic’s D-STAR services deliver superb performance that is totally independent of terrestrial networks. D-STAR is the first broadband service to offer real added value to companies, communities, government agencies and humanitarian organisations, and can be adapted for use in conjunction with terrestrial, maritime, business aviation and railway transport applications.

Skylogic’s D-STAR solution can be linked to three high level SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that deliver flexible bandwidth and high availability:

  • IP Access: a shared band service (not guaranteed) A shared band internet access service with guaranteed maximum sharing rate
  • IP Connect: a dedicated band service (guaranteed) This is the ultimate dedicated and guaranteed connectivity solution, designed to satisfy even the most advanced design specifications. It can also be customised by selecting from a range of options.


Skylogic offers three main subscription types to suit different traffic volumes and network sizes.

UPLOAD DOWNLOAD No. of computers
Access Discovery 128 Kbps max 512 Kbps max
Access Coliseum 512 Kbps max 1024 Kbps max 10 max
Access Premium 1024 Kbps max 2048 Kbps max 15 max


Our distributors’ own IP applications integrate with and complement our D-STAR Access solution.


The term “VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used in internet telephony to identify the technical resources needed to manage voice transmissions over the Internet.

Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)

The term “Wi-Fi” (short for “Wireless Fidelity”) refers to wireless local area networks (WLANs) that use the 802.11 family of protocols. The term was coined by Wi-Fi Alliance, the organisation that supervises certification testing for products compatible with 802.11 standards.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A virtual private network is a network that uses a public telecommunications system, such as the Internet, to provide isolated peripheral offices and employees with secure access their company’s intranet.

Video surveillance

The compact size and rational design of the D-STAR kit makes it superbly versatile and easy to install. These features make D-STAR the ideal solution for ensuring communications and video surveillance even under extreme conditions and in high risk situations.