In Motion

In motion

Earth, sea and sky. Skylogic technology can provide Internet connectivity on yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, military vessels, trains and even business jets. Passengers can access the service directly from their laptops via a Wi-Fi hot-spot. In Motion is also available using D-STAR technology.

In Motion provides secure connectivity even at sea. In Motion from Skylogic delivers broadband to boats and ships of all sizes, from yachts to cruise ships, merchant and military vessels. In Motion provides access to a whole range of services:

  • Data transmission
  • VoIP telephony (Voice over IP)
  • Internet backbone access
  • E-mail and fax
  • Video and film
  • Corporate intranet access
  • Real time maritime weather reports
  • Banking and stock exchange services
  • Video conferencing

The EU has already approved the provision of Internet services on board trains, and a number of trials have already been completed in various European countries. Rolling stock characteristics, the widely differing nature of railway lines and advanced transmission technology represent a major challenge, and demand complex solutions to ensure the provision of an efficient, high speed broadband link.

Skylogic’s D-STAR Aero provides business jet passengers with a working environment that can only be described as a “virtual on-board office”. The service allows users to access their own mailbox, navigate the web, use VoIP applications and access their corporate intranets. A Wi-Fi hot-spot installed on the plane allows users with a laptop to remain connected throughout all phases of the flight, including taxiing, take-off and landing.